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About Us

‘It takes a village to raise a child’


At Addaptive Health, we believe that a healthy society relies on the combined strength of interconnected moving parts working in harmony.
We believe people work best when the responsibility for their wellbeing is shared between individuals and business, and that happy, healthy workplaces should be within everyone’s reach. We use the latest science, combined with great humanity, to fundamentally change the way we think about people in the workplace.
That’s why we bring an array of different products, people and technology together to deliver a simple solution: to enable people to get back to business in a way that makes everyone feel safe and secure.

Our Partners

UK Qualified Therapists accessible via Secure Online Video.


Qualified and registered medical teams deployed to deliver COVID-19 testing and compliant testing facilities.


Truly intelligent automation for complex decisions and scenarios.


A digital health information management system designed to share health data in a protected way to benefit business and communities.