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Hand Sanitising Gel

5 litres

Zidac antibacterial hand sanitiser gel is a blend of ethanol, gelling agent and skin conditioner – this means your skin is cared for, while at the same time protected against harmful bacteria.

Made in the UK, our Hand Sanitiser contains 70% alcohol and comes in a 5-litre jerry can.


  • 70% alcohol hand sanitiser gel 50ml
  • Laboratory tested, kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • No water required, no sticky residue
  • Tested to EN1276:2019 standard
  • Tested to EN 1500:2013 standard
  • Complete with aloe vera & moisturiser – kind to skin

Zidac alcohol hand gel is a hand disinfectant that protects to EN1276 against bacteria and viruses. Containing 70% alcohol, this sanitiser kills 99.9% of all bacteria. No water required and no need to wash your hands after use. The Zidac hand sanitizer contains quality hand-friendly moisturiser to protect against dry, cracked hands.

This 5-litre jerry can of antibacterial hand sanitiser can be distributed into smaller quantities throughout a large business or healthcare provider. We recommend Zidac Laboratories innovative, durable dispensing solutions:

5-litre wall-mounted hand sanitiser dispenser

5-litre foot-operated hand sanitiser dispenser