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How Covid-19 spreads

Coronaviruses are tiny structures that are invisible to the naked eye. They consist of Spike Protein covering their outer surface which attaches to the negatively charged walls of a host cell. This forms a bridge that enables the virus to enter the host cell and infect it. 

Covid-19 can easily spread between people, especially indoors and poorly ventilated spaces. When an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks loudly, millions of invisible virus particles are released into the surroundings via respiratory droplets, where they can remain infectious for days. While the larger droplets settle on nearby surfaces, smaller droplets can remain suspended for up to 20 minutes in the air or up to 48 hours on surfaces indoors. Others can catch COVID-19 when these infected droplets get into their mouth, nose or eyes.

A new tool in the fight against Covid-19

The Corona Cannon is a plug-and-play device that enables the delivery of negatively charged high-velocity electrons that neutralise the negative-seeking spike proteins of the Coronavirus, so that it cannot attach itself to human cells.